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Our Catch Energy range for the home is the easy way to customise an energy storage solution to fit your needs.

Choose from one of our world-class Hybrid Inverters (3600W or 5000W) – with integrated charge controllers – to match the solar PV array then add a modular Power Cell tower to complete your solution.

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Key features and benefits

 The market’s safest cell technology

With a cell structure that naturally prevents thermal runaways.

 Lowest lifetime cost on the market

Our cells boast over 5X the life expectancy of rival products.

 Flexible, modular, scalable system

Includes stackable cells light enough for safe, compliant manual transportation.

 Peace of mind

With a market-leading 15 year warranty on cells.

 A complete solution

With web interface and intelligent control unit for effortless energy management.

 Ultimate efficiency

Higher loads can be drawn without adverse effect, while fast charging quickly replenishes cells.

 Supports savings

Shrinks bills by storing either generated or grid energy for use at peak times.

 Green and sustainable

Helps to reduce carbon emissions.

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About Catch Energy

Catch Energy specialises in identifying, sourcing and optimising innovative emerging technologies to provide high-performance energy storage solutions for commercial and domestic installation. Established in 2016, we’re a group of social entrepreneurs, experienced electrical engineers and sustainability specialists with a shared aim: bringing better energy storage to the world.

One of our most notable directors is Charles van Dongen. He predicted the rise of energy storage back in 1990, and established Captured Energy Pty, a company focused on designing and manufacturing electrical power conversion technology.

Working with a team of passionate associates, they found an advanced battery cell technology and started developing a solar panel with an integrated battery and inverter – next-generation intelligent solar PV.

Now Captured Energy Pty is majority owned by Catch Energy, and we bring you our Catch Energy Solution portfolio as a team. For us, it’s about going beyond the battery, and combining best-of-breed components with ingenuity and practicality to create solutions that really work. Easy to install and modify, our solutions include everything you need to take control – wherever, whenever.

Captured Energy Pty is part of the Catch Energy group so we bring you our Catch Energy solution as a fully integrated team.